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How We Can Help The Elderly During Lockdown

Its likely that a lot of us have more than less now adjusted to this new way of living. The senior citizens are among those in the high-risk category and are therefore forced to stay inside with no contact. The elderly people in your communities are suffering silently through this outbreak simply because they don’t have anybody to reach out to, so here are ways we can help them through this crisis.

Let them know you’re nearby

A lot of elderly people do live alone and as a result of this, especially in self-isolation and lockdown it can be very lonely and isolating. If you know this could be someone you know or a neighbour, give them a call or pop round and post a letter explaining to them that you’re available to help with anything they may need.

Or if you’ve never met them, you can always leave a note or again, write a letter containing your contact information and post it through their door.

Drop off groceries and cleaning supplies

Despite there being senior-specific shopping hours in place, the government have informed them to not even leave their house for that. So, see if you can grab a list of things they may want or need while you’re doing your shopping or even offer to do an online shop for them and schedule a day and time for it to be delivered.

By doing this you’ll reduce the risk of them going out and having to get it, also another person less to have to go into a shop and be around people.

Help prepare food for them

If you know they usually have family that will come round and perhaps prepare food a certain number of times a week or they are unable to prepare food themselves, you can help them out and do it for them.

Dishes, like casseroles, freeze well and are easy to make, therefore when you are cooking you can then set some aside for elderly neighbours or loved ones!

Introduce and help them with technology

If you have any extra iPads, smart phones or computers around or even they may have them but don’t know how to use it, offer to help them with it. You can teach them to use platforms like Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp etc. They’ll be able to stay in touch with loved ones and abate some potential loneliness without risking getting themselves sick.

Helping them get a little contact with the outside world can be a serious game-changer for their disposition.

Offer to pick up prescriptions and mail

In addition to dropping off quarantine-specific goods, see if you can help make their daily essentials a little bit easier to obtain. Perhaps your neighbour can call their pharmacy and arrange for you to pick up any necessary prescriptions and medications—or, they might simply need someone to bring their mail and packages from their mailbox directly to their doorstep. Offering your services for even just the little things will let seniors know you care.

Help keep them occupied

Since senior citizens are going to be cooped up inside, at least keep them amused while they’re there.

Gifting books, puzzles, decks of cards, craft kits, games, grownup colouring books and movies can help them pass the time without necessarily counting the hours. If they aren’t new, please be sure they are clean and disinfected! Being alone all day can be depressing, so distractions and activities are key for staying sharp.

Keep them company from a distance

They might want someone to chat to for a half hour or so every afternoon, for the sake of not feeling so alone. Let your neighbour or loved ones know you’re around and if they’re bored, that you’d love to talk to them and keep them company. If they feel as though you’re the one initiating the chat, and that they aren’t pestering you or taking up your time, they’ll be more likely to accept. We all need someone to talk now!

Keep them informed

Even with the news blaring 24/7, it’s possible your elderly neighbours don’t know some seriously useful information. Alert them to nearby stores offering senior-specific shopping hours, during which they can stock up on essentials without the stress of crowds and long lines. Keep them updated on any new guidelines. Be sure they’re up-to-date on how to properly wash their hands, sanitize their surroundings, etc. Just offer your knowledge and support.

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