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Total Guide to Franchise

Are you stuck in a rut? Ambitious yet unfulfilled in your current role? Hungry to run your own business? Our Total Guide to franchise opportunity may have the answer. Allowing you to be in control of your destiny and work towards the balance in life you crave...

Running a successful Total Guide to Franchise is rewarding, fulfilling and financially rewarding if you commit and work hard with our continuous behind-the-scenes support.

Being a committed franchisee will enable you to run a business where work and pleasure become interchangeable. You will meet interesting business owners, develop strong relationships and have the satisfaction of helping them grow their businesses alongside yours. You will end up being invited to fantastic restaurants and exclusive events to write reviews, record and share stories which will put you at the heart of the community you love – and you can flex your working hours to suit you.

For example, if like me (Liz Hutchings, Total Guide to founder), you have children, you many want to be with them at all of those important milestones. Alternatively, you want to be able to nip out for a quick surf when the waves are good or to go for a bike ride when the sun is shining.

You could be an ambitious young entrepreneur, with a love of selling and story-telling, who wants the ability to pursue your hobbies while creating a solid future for yourself and having a lot of fun along the way.

All of these are achievable with a Total Guide to Franchise. Your success comes from how hard and how smart you work.

Who this is suitable for:

This opportunity is not for you if you if don't have the tenacity to get out there and do what needs to be done to make it happen – and we can guide you through that process and manage realistic expectations. If you expect success to walk through your door and, overnight, you’ll have limitless free time, you will be disappointed. Commitment and ambition are required. Set hours are not.

If you don't have the drive and passion which means you will naturally and proactively approach business owners who will benefit from being part of Total Guide to, you won't enjoy running this business.

It's not the role for you if you can't take rejection and you struggle to get back up after you've taken a blow. You have to see failure as a learning opportunity and celebrate success. If you lack the motivation to open the laptop back up and start working again after you've put the kids to bed or you've gotten back from a meal out with friends then this isn't a franchise you should consider.

What we’re looking for:

This is for you if you WANT to open your laptop up in the evening because you love living and working in your patch - or the patch you have chosen.

This is the opportunity for you if you love a challenge and you're not nervous about picking up the phone to call someone or popping in to meet a prospect on the off-chance.

It’s the opportunity for you if you accept you might feel uncomfortable for a little while, however you know you will win the business and will develop meaningful business relationships which will help your clients grow – and you – to grow.

This is the opportunity for you if you want a role which makes you feel proud and which will, ultimately, result in making you a healthy income while having the flexibility and work-life balance you value.

Why Consider a Total Guide to Franchise Opportunity?

Did you know that £7.5bn UK advertiser spend went on digital and online media during 2019 beating print, cinema, buses, billboards, TV and radio combined? Would you like a cut of the billions being spent on online and digital advertising?

You can own a proven online media business from just £8,000+VAT licence set-up fee (price subject to patch/location size and population and payable in 3 x instalments or upfront) with first refusal on renewal and options for re-sale (ongoing monthly licence fee is based on 5% of your turnover).

There are many franchise business opportunities out there, and by becoming a franchise owner with award-winning Total Guide to Ltd, you’ll have the opportunity to grow your business with the support of the originators of the business.

This means you can focus on sales, stories and the development of income and profit while we take the stress away and support you with a bullet proof platform.

Total Guide to Swindon went live in 2011 and turned over £179,000 in its first nine months, and made a profit of £26k despite investing heavily in the launch of multiple sites; Bath, Bristol, Poole, Reading, Manchester.

By having multiple sites in house and already having franchised Total Guide to Bristol, we have proved the business model works in any town or city in the UK. We can also supply some generic content to you on a regular basis to support you with site population.

Why become a Total Guide to Franchisee?

  • Develop the business to suit your ambitions and lifestyle
  • Proven model (£179k turnover and 26k profit in year 1 – during the recession!)
  • Buoyant and evolving market
  • Huge demand and low maintenance
  • No stock and your decision on when you take on employees
  • Residual income with a massive earnings potential
  • Respectability
  • Low running costs and overheads
  • Training and Ongoing support

Who does the Total Guide to Franchise suit?

“I have always wanted to have my own marketing business to not only make money but to help others grow their business. Total Guide to is marketing with a difference; its online marketing as well as the care of the client is on the top of our agenda. The team from the central office have been absolutely amazing through our journey and they help us every step of the way. Our clients love the vibrance of the team and website and I would seriously suggest speaking to Liz if you are driven and passionate about bringing communities together and willing to put in some hard work for great results”.

Liam Armstrong, Franchisee – Total Guide to Bristol & Total Guide to Cardiff

  • Individuals looking to set up their own business quickly with minimal risk and investment
  • Local councils, BIDs or Chambers of Commerce looking for an all-encompassing local website which can be monetised
  • Young Entrepreneurs wanting to take control of their own destiny without the constraints of a big corporate and to learn on the job with the support of an established brand
  • Parentings wanting to work from home and around the kids’ school/childcare times
  • Anyone wanting to set up their own business with interest and skills in sales, digital marketing and writing
  • Any freelance journalist who loves story-writing and is unafraid to get out there and sell digital space.
  • Those passionate and knowledgeable about the town/city or area they live
  • Beneficial Traits/Skills and Talents you already have or wish to develop.
  • Confidence to develop your customer base - cold calling, networking, face to face meetings, sourcing and contacting prospects via social media
  • Tenacity and drive to make sure you work hard and smart every day
  • A flair for writing and digital content creation
  • Experience of writing compelling sales emails / proposals (templates will be provided though)
  • Social Media experience - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Email Marketing Experience
  • Customer Service
  • SEO and Google Analytics (training will be given but existing knowledge would be advantageous)
  • Networking and building solid business relationships (having existing contacts in your patch would mean you would hit the ground running)

The Franchise Package

The Total Guide to Ltd franchise package includes ongoing consumer digital advertising and marketing and business development support. The franchise starts from £8,000+VAT to £20,000+VAT depending on the size of the patch you choose. This single entry fee represents an all-encompassing package which brings together all the key ingredients to successfully launch and build a business. We offer a turnkey business opportunity that equips franchisees from the outset, providing a strong foundation for the growth of a successful and enjoyable business.

The Franchise Package Includes:

  • Exclusive and protected service area to operate, run and market your business.
  • A populated and up to date website ready for you to start adding advertisers
  • Full technical and business training courses, including:
  • Content Management System Training
  • Sales and Product Training
  • Marketing and PR Training (including SEO, Social Media and PR)
  • Photoshop/Design Training
  • Ongoing additional ad-hoc training to develop the range of services you can provide in your business such as social media management and training
  • Business Mentoring from Founder and Managing Director Liz Hutchings
  • Access and use of Total Guide to software licences; CMS, Email Marketing Software
  • Everything you need to start a Total Guide to franchise including; website and CMS, CRM, Email Marketing software, social media and marketing support

Licence Fees

The monthly Licence Fee is based on 5% of your turnover. This is important as it aligns the interests of the franchisee and the franchisor, facilitating greater and continued investment in the development of the network and the continual enhancement of ongoing support.

What’s included in the Licence Fee?

Your franchise entitles you to trade under the Total Guide to name and to make use of our in-house staff, site, software, content management and IT software to build yourself a successful business that you will manage and run. You will have access to all aspects of the business, including all the marketing material, the website, newsletters, prospecting system, CRM, social media and ongoing support and training – all included. As well as selling to businesses in your location, you also have the opportunity to make even more money by cross-selling packages on the group websites.

Let’s Talk

If you would like to find out more about the Total Guide to Franchise Opportunity and have an informal chat with Liz the founder, a member of staff or Liam our Bristol Franchisee, please drop us a line and we’ll be in touch - info@totalguideto.com.

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