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The Do's & Don'ts of Hen and Stag Do Planning

It is never easy to plan a Hen or Stag party, so we've been speaking to the experts at Go Hen and Stag Web to bring you the ultimate Dos and Don'ts..

If you are arranging a stag or hen weekend then the key to your success is planning. Making a solid plan will help you make the weekend ‘one to remember’ and not one to forget. If you want to avoid disasters, hiccups and downright boredom, plan your budget, activities and entertainment well in advance. This way, you are guaranteed a party full of fun and frolics – and not doom and gloom!

The team at Stag Web & Go Hen are the champions of organising stag and hen parties, which is unsurprising with over 12 years’ experience! If there is something they don’t know about stag and hen weekends, then it’s probably not worth knowing! Here are their top tips for your party success:

Do – Plan beforehand. Hen and stag parties are booked all year round; however some times of the year are more popular than others. To save disappointment, make sure you book as much as you can in advance. This way you can guarantee your party won’t be missing out.

Don’t – Over do the planners! You’re probably familiar with the saying ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’; well the same applies to hen and stag parties. If you have too many people trying to organise your weekend you’re asking for trouble. It is worth asking for opinions, but it is near enough impossible to please everyone, so don’t try! Stick to your guns and take control.

Do – Talk to the bride or groom to be! The soon to be newlyweds may well be elbow-deep in wedding plans, but it is always worth asking for their thoughts. If they had something particular in mind you really don’t want to miss it – this way you’ll save any disappointment and be sure he or she gets the party they hoped for.

Don’t – Go over the top! With any kind of party planning it can be very easy to go overboard. Remember to set a reasonable budget that most can afford. It’s no good planning for the Ritz if no one can afford it. Setting a budget also means there will be no unexpected expenditures to give anyone any nasty surprises.

Do – Ask for Help! If your car breaks down you call a mechanic, in the same way if you need help or advice organising your party then using a stag or hen company can help save you time and money. These fantastic companies often have special discounted rates they can pass on to their customers! So what are you waiting for?

Don’t – Forget the other half! It may sound obvious, but think about the future partner of your hen or stag. Make sure you consider their thoughts when you are getting your plans in place. If they are dead set against their soon to be husband or wife getting a new tattoo, or being tied up to a lamp post, it’s best to avoid those activities. After all, you don’t want to risk a pre-marital row or anything worse!

If you need some help or advice with your stag or hen party planning then contact the team at StagWeb.co.uk & GoHen.com but most of all we hope wherever you end up you have a fantastic pre-wedding celebration weekend. And don’t forget your toothbrush!

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