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Mandy St John Davey


Award-winning businesswoman, landlord and property developer Mandy St John Davey has received her MBE from The Princess Royal at Windsor Castle after being recognised in The Kings New Year's Honours list for services to working women.

Born and raised in South Wales, Mandy is a well-known property developer, ethical landlord and champion of women in business, particularly in property and construction. Her years of commitment were recognised when she was nominated for a New Year honour.

"It was the most incredible day which was the pinnacle of my career so far. It was poignant and fitting that it was the Princess Royal who gave me the MBE. In my view she's one of the most hard-working Royals and I felt very grateful given they have so many ill health problems themselves in their family”.

Mandy received her MBE at Windsor Castle and was accompanied by her proud family.

“We were looked after from start to finish, nothing was too much trouble. As my mum is registered blind we were able to drive right up into the castle grounds  and into the beautiful quadrant to park and were escorted and supported through every part of the process,” Mandy said.

In a show of support for local businesses on her big day, Mandy proudly wore a hat from Andrea’s Closet Millinery in Cardiff.

“I’ve always loved clothes, fashion, health and beauty (as much as property) and I try to support other women in my own community, from all types of industries who are like-minded and are passionate in starting up their own business. Women owned businesses contribute a total of £221bn GVA (gross value added) to the UK economy, representing 13.3% of GVA providing a total of 23.85% of private sector employment.  Supporting each other is important.”

Mandy was surprised and delighted how long The Princess Royal spent talking with her and showing interest in the transformative power of financial literacy,  

"She took the time to talk to me about my career in property, my love of Wales and we ended up talking about how important it is that everyone is taught about financial literacy from a very early age.

"We talked about women, money, and how being educated about finances can serve as a catalyst for addressing critical inequalities including the gender pay gap and the pension pay gap.”

Mandy's MBE speaks volumes about her ongoing dedication to advancing gender equality and creating opportunities for women in business. In the early days of her career, she had very few female role models in a predominantly a male sector.

Mandy has naturally directed her efforts towards supporting women. Whether she's engaged in school outreach programs, raising awareness around finance for young girls, or encouraging children and young women to aspire to a career in the construction industry, she recognises the importance of nurturing them within their chosen careers.

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