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Gaming in Cardiff - The Top Spots for Gamers

Gaming continues to grow as a hobby right across Wales. Over 75% of adults enjoy playing games of some form, while 39% like to get online and compete against others. 

For more and more Welsh people, just as is the case across the rest of the UK and much of the world, gaming is becoming a social activity rather than merely a solo activity. As a result, players will hop online or visit a physical venue to hang out with friends, chat, and engage in friendly battles in their favourite titles. 

Thanks to smartphones, tablets, computers, and consoles, it’s possible to enjoy all of this from home or just about anywhere else with an internet connection. Your buddies can be anywhere from sitting on the sofa next to you to soaking up the sun on a beach on the other side of the planet, location doesn’t matter if you can come together online. 

However, if you’re someone who wants to be in the company of like-minded gamers where you can compete together and share your passions in person, then Cardiff is where you want to be. 

The Welsh capital is awash with gaming venues catering to all types of player and serving up all types of games. 


Poker is one of very few games where the skill is transferable between in-person play and the digital form of the game. Thanks to leading brands offering a platform for playing poker online, it’s possible to take part in a range of different games and tournaments from practically any device with an internet connection. Through Home Games, you can even create your own private club for you and your friends to hold poker nights without needing to be in the same room. 

Of course, you can still play in person, with plenty of options in Cardiff. Students studying at Cardiff University can join the Cardiff Uni Poker Society, a low-cost group for like-minded card players to learn from each other, make friends, and enjoy regular poker games. 

For everyone else, most of the city’s casinos offer card rooms, casino poker games, and video poker, giving you plenty of options to choose from. One of the most popular options amongst card players is Les Croupiers, an independent venue that offers regular poker tournaments. 

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality gaming is one of the most exciting technological developments in gaming of the last decade. Thanks to brands like Oculus, it’s now possible to be immersed inside your games instead of peering through a window from the outside. 

The drawback to VR gaming is that getting the best experience requires you to have a lot of open space in a room and few of us live in mansions. Therefore, most people find visiting a virtual reality gaming venue a much better choice. 

In Cardiff, you’re never far from a place to don a virtual reality headset. If you’re happy to venture out of the city, Newport is home to the locally-owned VR Experience Wales which offers a range of different packages for groups of all sizes. 

Alternatively, ImmotionVR, which can be found in St David’s Shopping Centre offers a huge selection of the latest and greatest virtual reality games. Meanwhile, Active Reality has two venues in the city and boasts low prices from just £10. 

Retro Gaming

Prefer something a little more old-school? Then you’ll find plenty of places in Cardiff serving up gaming with a side of nostalgia. NQ64 Arcade Bar is crammed with classic gaming machines from decades gone by, while Boom Battle Bar has a collection of games you can use to challenge your friends including axe throwing, electric darts, pool, ping pong and crazy gold. 

These aren’t just gaming venues, they also have delightful menus of delicious foods and drinks to keep your stomach satisfied as much as your love of classic games. They both also offer live music late into the night to keep you pumped up while you play. 

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