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TJ Higgs


Sunday Times bestselling author and well-known TV personality, psychic medium TJ Higgs is coming to Port Talbot with her ‘Grief Is Love’ 2023 tour at the Princess Royal Theatre on Thursday November 16.

The internationally acclaimed psychic medium decided to tackle grief when planning her first tour since the pandemic which saw many people coping with grief and loss.

“People are often talked down to when they lose a loved one and this really annoys me because there are no set rules when it comes to grief,” said TJ.

“Even though today when we talk about mindfulness and being kind, we’re still expected to suck it up when it comes to dealing with death and embracing the feelings we experience when someone close to us has passed.”

The title of the show came from an expression used by the late Queen: “Whether it’s the first year or the 25th year, the pain is just as real. My mission is to relieve long-term grief and suffering and to open each heart to the knowledge that we are never alone,” said TJ.

“I love going on tour and getting to reunite people with family members they have lost. The experiences at my shows are usually described as being personal and emotional.

“Many people tell me they get real closure when I connect with their loved one who has passed.”

As well as many experiencing loss and grief, TJ believes the pandemic has resulted in people asking more searching questions of the world around them.

“Since Covid, spirituality and an interest in mediumship has massively increased among those of us who are older. We’re contemplating everything from ‘is there a God?’ to ‘Have I led a purposeful life?’

“For the millennials and Gen Z, they are actively pursuing more immediate issues such as a specific psychic message and what their sole purpose is.”

TJ’s talents have been showcased previously on national television (Richard & Judy) when before the Charles and Camilla wedding, TJ correctly predicted that Camilla would go on to be crowned a Queen.

Over the last two decades, TJ has enjoyed a high-profile television career co-presenting shows such as Psychic Private Eyes and Colin Fry Live with TJ Higgs. She has also toured as one of The Three Mediums alongside fellow psychic mediums Derek Acorah and Colin Fry. She also writes in the media on many topics including crystals, angels, auras and many other spiritual topics.

TJ regularly teaches and demonstrates mediumship around the world including countries such as Japan, New Zealand, America, Ireland, Denmark and Norway.

She is also the acclaimed author of three bestselling books: Living With The Gift, Signs From The Afterlife and True Spirit: Secrets Of The Afterlife. She is currently working on a fourth book around the subject of grief.

Tickets for the Port Talbot show can be purchased here -

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