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Part-Time Jobs in Cardiff

Looking for a part-time job nowadays can be a struggle. However, with the appearance of online part-time jobs, it takes you less time to find something to fit your schedule. A lot of people are currently looking for part time jobs in Cardiff. That is why we created a detailed breakdown of all the possibilities you have. Our list is divided between the online and offline worlds. Offline part time jobs in Cardiff include but are not limited to assistance, consultants, and housekeepers. Online Cardiff part time jobs, however, are a little bit more versatile. You will learn all about online and offline opportunities and more in this article.

Cardiff Part Time Jobs: Online Edition

Nowadays, you have much better luck finding something online than out of the office. As a matter of fact, approximately 36.1% of Cardiff's population currently works from home, at least as of 2021. That is why we advise you to start your search with a variety of online opportunities. Here is a short list of jobs in Cardiff part time before we get into details:

  • Social media manager
  • Entry clerk
  • Chat support associate 
  • Sales Agent
  • Project manager
  • Personal assistant 
  • Tutor
  • Content manager
  • Content Creator

Now let’s review some of them in more detail and discover less well-known options.

Gambling Consult

When searching for jobs in Cardiff part time, not a lot of people have heard of connecting their professional life with gambling. One such job is as a gambling consultant ( £24– £60 an hour). This is quite an interesting job for people who are interested in slot machines and table games. Plus, gambling consultant’s main task is managing systems for responsible gambling, including Gamstop and GamCare or even figuring out all possible ways around Gamstop, depending on the situation. It is your job to help operators, regulators as well as third-party platforms to make sure they stay compliant with gambling regulations. This one, amongst other Cardiff part time jobs, will certainly be fascinating for gamblers or professionals in the field.

Customer Support 

A traditional option for many people is a consultant or a customer support representative. The best part of these part time jobs Cardiff is their flexibility. You may find places where you need to work mornings, days, or even nights, depending on your preference. We also know that night shifts often pay more. Plus, you get to choose a field that you’re interested in. For example, there are many customer support opportunities for e-commerce clients that deal with physical or online services. The pay usually varies, depending on your place of employment and hours. However, the industry average is from £10 to £30 an hour. The contract usually implies around 16 work hours a week as well as fully paid training.

Content Writer

One of the most popular jobs in Cardiff part time out there is creating content, whether visual or written. There is no industry average of how much brands or clients can pay you. Everything depends on your experience and the quality of your work. When it comes to written content, people can ask for one penny a word or even up to 10 pennies a word. The same goes for visual content and filming. Depending on your following, or the lack of it, you may ask more to complete a certain task. 

In case you want to become a content creator, we also advise you to look into different partnerships available on TikTok. The TikTok shop was only created several months ago, yet it is one of the most popular ventures of this company, earning more than 30 billion dollars for TikTok. The only downside, you do need to have at least 5000 followers if you want to get commissions off the TikTok shop.

Jobs in Cardiff Part Time: Offline

If you’re someone who wants to see real people and struggles to stay concentrated at home, there are offline options available for you. A lot of stores need someone part time to fill in the gaps either when their workers are on vacation or when it is a tourist season. Before we get into details, here is a short list of Jobs in cardiff part time you can be on the lookout for using Indeed:

  • Housekeeper
  • Dog walker 
  • Store consultant
  • Sales representative
  • Personal assistant
  • Delivery man
  • Support representative working at the office
  • Cook
  • Recreation Assistant

One of the most obvious jobs you can get is being an assistant. Here we are not only talking about being someone else’s personal assistant. There are different types of assistants if you’re looking for part-time jobs in Cardiff. The first option for you is a recreation assistant (£10.42 an hour - Part-time). If you are someone who enjoys swimming, you can easily become a lifeguard, making sure people stay safe in the pool. 

Parking Assistant

If swimming is not your thing, you can go for a car parking assistant. These jobs are usually available at airports or bigger malls. And the benefits include:

  • Company pension
  • Employee discount
  • Free parking
  • On-site parking
  • Library Assistant

If parking doesn’t sound like your favourite activity ever, you can also become a library assistant (£24,248 - £27,181 a year). A lot of library assistants are required at universities, and they are being offered annual leave, holidays, and your usual benefits. However, since this work is coming directly from the university, usually they require at least some experience and a bachelor's degree.

Housekeeper Jobs in Cardiff Part Time 

Housekeepers are always needed in the market especially if you’re looking for part time jobs in Cardiff. Here you have at least two roads to take. You can either promote your services or create your very own company, if only for yourself. You can use social media, like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to promote your services and do house calls. 

However, you can also join a company that has a staff of several maids. They will help you manage clients and get your schedule. They usually offer to clean regular private homes, and you will have the freedom to select part time jobs in Cardiff that you will like. The pay usually starts at £12 per hour for beginners, plus tips.

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